Reputation Coaching

We will make your internal team completely autonomous in reputation management
training it on these topics:


Starting from the goal, we focus on how to get there, understanding analytically what kind of money budget and human resources are available and necessary to achieve it.
The internal team will be taught how strategies are conceived,  ensuring that they can repeat the process when they have to create their own strategy for launching another initiative.
The check of the websites interesting by the strategy is performed, weak points are identified, tracking systems are installed and configured, finally, an analysis of the data of interest is performed.
Landing pages will be created or we will eventually proceed with the optimization of the existing ones. We will then show how to perform A / B tests and how to promote a page on a platform.

Web Design


You will learn how to write advertising texts to achieve the marketing objectives, starting from an analysis of what are the conversations of the target market and the identity of the brand.
Communication styles will be tested to understand what is most performing. We will then understand how to coordinate the team for the management of all content to unify communication
Starting from a study on the indexing level of the current platforms and an analysis to see if there are errors in the pages, a series of actions are carried out to position the site.
Advanced SEO strategies will be applied in-depth, to make the team autonomous in planning an operational SEO strategy so that it can be replicated and optimized later.



We will learn how to convey traffic from search engines to your website thanks to paid advertisements. We will therefore create a sustainable, measurable and scalable Google Advertising strategy.
External advertising platforms (Amazon, Sky, Bing …) will be evaluated to support the growth of a project, learning to predict its performance and the traffic generated by such campaigns.
The performance of the publications will be analyzed to guide the investment. It will then be shown how to draw up a traditional PR and Influencer marketing plan and how to analyze the results
We will draw up a digital PR plan learning how to coordinate a press launch creating all supporting documents. We will then create a complete influencer marketing strategy

Digital PR

Social Media

The internal team will become autonomous in the creation and management of social strategies, content on the various social platforms, and paid campaigns.
The team will be supported in the creation of editorial plans, insights analysis, creation of posts, stories and paid ads with advanced logic. and with the analytical segmentation of targets.
The internal team will be joined to learn the various logic of 1to1 marketing, whose purpose is to lead to loyalty, increase the perception of the brand and the conversion rate of its services.
Direct marketing strategies will then be structured, such as the use of funnels or the conversion of large volumes of emails from your database to loyal contacts in automated 1to1 marketing systems.


Data Intelligence

We will learn how to create data measurement and analysis strategies. A measurement plan will be created for the main company metrics, tracking, data cleaning and data visualization.
Topics such as monitoring with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and Hotjar, tracking with Google Tag manager, the creation of dynamic reports with Data Studio will then be addressed.
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