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Read the ReputationUP Coach guide on lead generation: what it is and how it works. You will learn about the strategies and discover who needs them [GUIDE].

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the inbound marketing process of attracting potential customers to your service or product.

It consists of leading customers who are interested in making the purchase.

That is, by sharing data, such as email address or phone number.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as:

“The process of collecting names of possible future customers.”

Lead generation broadens the contact database of people or companies interested in benefiting from your brand.

How does lead generation work?

The process depends on the brand’s strategies to generate leads and the goal they want to attain.

Most companies use some everyday activities to reach out to prospects and significantly increase their sales:

  • Database marketing consists of identifying 100% potential customers.

Businesses can customize their lead generation strategy to reach a specific target audience.

This method consists of collecting information to create a database and understanding intent data that leads to purchase;

  • Content marketing entails disseminating brand information to generate awareness and traffic.

Social platforms are the primary source used to spread information and drive more traffic to your website.

Email marketing is one of the various techniques used to make this type of content visible to customers;

How does lead generation work. ReputationUP Coach
  • Telemarketing: Whereas many people dislike marketing calls that offer products or services, they effectively generate customers.

As a result, the company can inform its clients about new brand features and provide them with benefits,  increasing revenue.

Who needs lead generation?

Instead, we should ask, “Who does not need them?”. In reality, no leads means no contacts for the sales team to generate sales from.

Remember that leads are people who are ready to buy.

This strategy aims at converting prospects into customers.

What matters is having a good plan, i.e., developing a strategy and assembling a marketing team.

ReputationUP Coach focuses on objectives and on how to achieve them. As a result, businesses must analyze what budget and human resources are available and necessary to meet their goals.

Lead generation process

This article highlights the importance of lead generation.

You should now understand the process of driving customers to the target destination:

  • Prospects learn about a brand;
  • Then, they click on a Call To Action image or button, such as this one:
Lead generation process. ReputationUP Coach

The “more infoCTA directs clients to the brand’s website where they can purchase and the brand can record the sale.

  • These CTAs bring leads to a landing page that collects information in exchange for an offer;
  • Once on the landing page, they can fill in the company’s form with personal information.

Lead generation strategies

Depending on the goal they want to achieve in the short term, each company has its lead generation strategies.

ReputationUP Coach identifies six key points to develop a lead generation strategy and assists to:

  • Determine the best approach for generating leads and allocate the necessary resources;
  • Make a general assessment in terms of web design and identify weaknesses, as well as add a CTA;
  • Help create content to meet the marketing objectives after a careful analysis of the target audience and brand identity;
  • Improve SEO ranking by analyzing your website’s structure and indexing on current platforms;
  • Examine online and offline publications to measure investment. They can also assist in developing a marketing plan for leads, influencers, and public relations;
  • Aid the internal team to build and manage strategies, content, and lead generation campaigns autonomously through social media platforms.


Another type of strategy to consider is the well-known chatbots in marketing.

This tool can communicate with users and provide responses based on automation.

Its goal is to answer questions and start conversations with prospects who visit the website.

Primary features of this automated technology:

  • Chatbots understand the context of each conversation and help turn visitors into buyers;
  • This personalized service fosters customer loyalty and connection;
  • Communication is both efficient and accurate.

Private content

This content is based on email marketing for specialists interested in your content, product, or service and helps generate more customers.

We could call it a VIP data list as the company creates and tailors specific content that meets their needs.

Event planning

Organizing events is an effective way to attract customers who can get to know your brand first-hand.

Provide a coupon or discount

You can distribute promo codes to leads via email, social media, telemarketing, and other channels.

Your goal is to reach the highest number of users and convert them into paying customers.

Lead generation on Facebook

According to the graph below, Facebook is one of the World’s most popular social networks:

Lead generation on Facebook. ReputationUP Coach

Facebook has 2,740 million users.

Meanwhile, YouTube has 2,291 subscribers, and WhatsApp has 2,000.

Facebook for business allows you to add a near-instant form.

You can capture two types of clients with Facebook:

  • Direct leads: the social platform brings the prospect to a lead generation form.

It is for users to share basic information with you through their accounts, and this generates traffic;

  • Indirect leads: your content drives prospects to a link that will move them through the sales funnel for finalizing the purchase.

We recommend the following strategies for generating more leads:

  • Send people straight to a landing page with the offer.

You must consider having a striking cover image;

  • Share appealing content: you can use your blog, the CTA can be a URL link;
  • Add CTA on the page you share: you must have an option that takes the client to other sections (offers, similar pages that the user is viewing, etc.);
  • Use short, concise videos that lead to the website of interest;
  • Release posts about discounts, offers, and so on;
  • Add a CTA on your Facebook page, such as: “send a WhatsApp message”;
  • Ask the audience what they think about your products and which ones they prefer;
  • Organize giveaways.

How do you make money with lead generation?

As previously stated, lead generation is a powerful marketing funnel strategy that helps convert more prospects into customers.

The more leads you have, the more likely it is that you will get customers.

The money you want to make will come from lead generation because these customers are willing to pay for your product or service.

What you should be sure of is that only professionals can help you achieve your objectives.

ReputationUP Coach ensures that your lead generation strategy adapts to your needs and increases sales.

How can I attract more leads?

We will provide you with some hints and tips to attract more leads to your website or brand:

  • Provide high-quality content: it may be challenging to get people to know you, but earning their trust is even more difficult.

Quality content generates confidence and consequently purchases;

  • Do not inundate customers with spam emails: the content you create should be easy to read and take visitors where they want;
  • Social media are a vital source of information, but you must learn how to create interaction and increase purchase intent.

Be clear that each RRSS has its objective, do not post the same content on different platforms;

  • Create appealing pages that can reach the most significant number of people of all ages and interests.


The marketing process of boosting and catching prospects’ interest in a service or product is lead generation.

Through this text, we have learned what lead generation is and how it works.

From this article, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • There are some techniques that most companies use to reach potential customers: database marketing, content marketing, and telemarketing;
  • Having no leads means having no contacts for the sales team to generate sales;
  • CTAs bring users to a landing page that collects information in exchange for an offer;
  • Chatbots help generate leads by understanding the context of each conversation to convert visitors into buyers;
  • Email marketing aims at sharing private content only with specialists who are interested in your brand;
  • Lead generation is a strong marketing strategy that allows you to reach more prospects and turn them into customers.

ReputationUP Coach assists in reaching more customers and increasing your sales.

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