How To Choose A Positioning Strategy And Why SEO Is Important

Find out with ReputationUP Coach how to choose a positioning strategy. You will know why SEO is essential and how it can help your business.

What is an SEO plan ReputationUP Coach

What is an SEO plan?

In the world that moves us today, digital notoriety is becoming more than necessary.

For this reason and thanks to these changes, new concepts like marketing funnel or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are of common usage

The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as: 

Search engine optimization: methods of making sure that the address of a website is shown near the top of the list of results of an internet search.”

In short, it is the process that allows your company or business to be on top of Google’s organic search results.

What are SEO strategies?

SEO positioning strategies may vary depending on the objective you want to achieve. 

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They will thoroughly examine your digital structure and create an effective action plan to meet your goals. 

Here are some of the essential techniques to create an SEO: 

  • Web page structure;
  • Titles and headings;
  • Content length ad quality;
  • Internal and external links;
  • Keywords.

Offsite SEO strategies 

To understand this strategy, we must start with the concept of offsite SEO.

It refers to all the actions taken outside the website for your brand or service.

In other words, it is an SEO activity outside your official page.

Offsite SEO tells search engines about the types of content you manage; for example, if you use official links on your site, Google will assume that you have valuable content.

Generally, a page that has reliable and truthful content will have a better search engine ranking.

You need to generate more digital traffic and adequately manage your social media. In short, the more digital activity you have on different channels, the more visits you will receive to top Google search positions.

Onsite SEO strategies

The opposite term to offsite refers to all actions taken within the website.

In short, you are responsible for what happens on your site.

Through this strategy, you can define how you want Google to classify you. 

It means that you make him understand the type of topics you manage and the purpose of your website. 

Thanks to the onsite SEO strategy, Google determines if your content is relevant or not.

Being in the first search engine position is a process that depends on many factors, like keywords, for example.

Google states on its official website that:

“Search algorithms look at many factors, including the words of your query, relevance, and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and your location and settings.

Onsite SEO strategies ReputationUP Coach

How to choose an SEO positioning strategy?

Choosing a positioning strategy depends on many factors; there is no specific strategy, as it always depends on the objective you want to achieve.

However, you only need to know the service or product you want to highlight and then show yourself.

You can count on many SEO positioning strategies, and it is not a matter of how many but how effective they are.

Thus, it is undoubtedly crucial to count on professionals who can help you achieve your goals.

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Positioning techniques

As stated before, keywords could be one of the most important positioning elements.

Ranking on search engine top positions is not a coincidence but a consequence of specific SEO activity.

To understand the whole process, you should first know how Google search works, and, according to its web page:

“It uses software known as “web crawlers” that explore the web on a regular basis to find sites to add to its index.”

Internal and external links are other important positioning metrics.

We are talking about an offsite SEO strategy.

When someone is searching for something, Google gives them the highest quality results.

Therefore, your content must be associated with valid links and URLs. 

However, focusing on an SEO positioning strategy is not enough.

Today, online reputation is one of the reasons why many companies grow or also collapse.

Having a good reputation is crucial since anybody can know about your company or you by searching for information on Google

Brands with the best reputation know that the customers’ opinions are a top priority.

Positioning techniques ReputationUP Coach

A study conducted over 65,000 consumers between December 2020 and January 2021 determined that Lego scored the highest corporate reputation.

The success of a company’s brand, product, or service depends on a good SEO positioning activity and an excellent reputation score

Hence, it is essential to count on professionals like ReputationUP Coach.

In addition to providing you with positioning methods, they will also build reputation growth plans for your organization.

How to get a good SEO positioning?

A good SEO positioning helps you achieve more visibility and visits.

The first step is defining your target audience through analysis and establishing a strategy that shows how to bring in more customers.

So, keep in mind that: 

  • Keywords are vital, and they will help your future customers find what they are searching for on your website; 
  • Once users find you, the next step is to avoid them leave you; therefore, the content you provide must be of quality;
  • If you want to make your website look more attractive, implement the page structure, headings, and use quality images;
  • You should, then, focus on the next step, i.e., sharing your content through external links that lead to quality pages and social networks. 

It must be clear that you cannot achieve a good SEO positioning without the help of professionals.

With ReputationUP Coach, you can get organic positioning and a specific analysis of your organization and indexing rate in the current platforms.

How much does a good SEO positioning cost?

Your company’s success depends significantly on a good SEO positioning; however, it is not easy to fix general or exact pricing.

Prices vary according to the objectives you want to achieve and depend on service providers.

It would be best to consider that turning to professionals who help get high SEO positioning is not an expense but an investment.

Apart from ensuring effective online reputation management, large brands invest in advertising and marketing to always be the user’s first choice.

Thus, digital advertising spending has constantly been increasing in recent years.

How much does a good SEO positioning cost ReputationUP

Allocating a budget for SEO positioning is key for you to achieve and, above all, to maintain sales success.

ReputationUP Coach defines the training path and determines the optimal budget and human resources necessary to achieve the pre-established marketing objective.

What is the SEM strategy?

The SEM Search Engine Marketing strategy fulfills the same function as the SEO strategy.

The difference between the two is that SEM uses paid ads positioned on the first page of Google.

So the paid links will appear as “ads” on the first page of the results when searching for a product or service.

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What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is a professional who efficiently manages search engine optimization with outstanding performance.

They analyze, create or transform a website to rank the first places in the search results of Google or Bing, for example

They ensure that the user’s experience by entering your website is positive, thus activating potential customers’ visits.

What does an SEO expert do?

The SEO expert is responsible for different areas in terms of digital marketing. He deals with:

  • Developing optimization strategies to get on the first page of the search engine;
  • Managing paid advertising campaigns;
  • Allocating the expenses for different advertising campaigns;
  • Working with web design experts to develop SEO techniques;
  • Keywords search and optimization;
  • Link acquisition and link building to boost positioning;
  • Improving website structure to always be on top positions;
  • Generating engaging and appropriate content to increase traffic. 

Why is it important to choose a positioning strategy?

Choosing a positioning strategy is as important as your product or service.

We consider three fundamental aspects when choosing a positioning strategy for your business:

  • If your brand assumes a leading position, it generates even more reliability, so your current and future customers will choose you among others;
  • If you appear on the first search engine results, you can streamline the consumer decision-making process.
  • Your brand’s positioning starts with defining your value proposition, and with it, the quality of the product or service. 

How can SEO positioning help your business? 

SEO positioning increases your business visibility, letting people know you exist.

The network allows you to make yourself known, and those future clients can reach you from anywhere in the world.

SEO positioning not only helps you appear on the top of search engines’ pages.

It also helps users find what they are looking for on a website and improve their experience.

In other words, they find what they need: easiness.

Remember that technology has come into our lives to provide comfort

So you must enable customers to make a purchase easily and quickly.

Another important reason why SEO positioning can help your business is trust.

A high search engine ranking allows you to transmit security and trustworthiness to prospects. 

Thus, new customers will get to know you and, above all, trust and acquire your product or service. 

For an SEO positioning to be successful, you must count on professionals who will help boost sales.

ReputationUP Coach performs a complete structural check of websites and their weaknesses, providing customized monitoring that allows a comprehensive data analysis.


Through this article, we have learned how to choose an SEO positioning strategy and its importance.

Therefore, we can conclude that: 

  • An SEO plan is a process for your company or business to rank  on Google search engine’s top positions;
  • The SEO strategy manages your website structure, internal and external links, and keywords;
  • An offsite strategy refers to all actions that your brand or service performs outside the site;
  • The onsite strategy manages every activity within the website;
  • Keywords might be a vital as a positioning technique;
  • A company’s success depends on a good SEO positioning activity but also an excellent reputation;
  • The SEM strategy uses paid ads that rank on the first page of Google;
  • It is necessary to count on professionals who allow you to increase profit. 

ReputationUP Coach provides companies, professionals, countries, personalities, and administrations with professionals who will help your company succeed.